Unlimited access to legal aid for all UWaterloo students

Phone and email access to trained lawyers and coverage of legal costs, for a fee of up to $30/year (with opt-out option).

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How a legal service can help you

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Get help about illegally held deposits, unlivable or unfinished units, no-pet clauses, or any other housing-related dispute. Legal costs would be covered for any cases taken up.

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Whether it's workplace discrimination or being fired without cause, stand up for your employment rights with full coverage of legal costs and a lawyer you can get advice from at any time.

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Get clarity on your rights when dealing with academic disputes, if the university's appeals process does not go your way.

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General inquiries

Obtain valuable legal advice at no additional cost over the hotline for any other form of law, whether it's immigration law, family law, estate law, or traffic infractions.

More details

The legal service would be operated by Studentcare, a for-profit business that currently partners with Feds to provide a health and dental plan to UW students. Aid will be provided over phone and email, during regular business hours (9-5pm).

Legal fees covered in the plan would include: Lawyer's fees, disbursement, expert's fees, costs awarded by a court to opponents, and even student's missed wages to attend court proceedings. Full coverage of legal fees would be limited to cases related to housing, employment, or academic disputes, however the phone/email hotline can still provide legal advice at no additional cost for any area of law.

For more details on the legal service, click the link below to see Studentcare's presentation to council in September 2018:

Presentation to Students Council

About Us

The Yes for Legal Aid campaign committee consists of these undergraduate students:

  • Bilal Akhtar (chair) <mbakhtar@edu.uwaterloo.ca>
  • Deon Hua <deon.hua@edu.uwaterloo.ca>
  • Yu Chen Hou <yu.hou@edu.uwaterloo.ca>
  • Interested in joining? Email one of us to see how you can help!
The Yes for Legal Aid committee is neither affiliated with Studentcare nor with any other Feds election candidates.

The committee acknowledges work from stakeholders across the university in bringing this initiative to this point, with special thanks given to:

  • Feds Board of Directors
  • Feds Executives Richard Wu and Kurt MacMillan
  • Directors Seneca and Tomson
  • Feds Student Council